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 TouchSquid Remote Apps

High end remote on a tablet

Intuitive activity based control

Controls over 400,000 devices

IR and serial/IP control supported

Uses built-in IR on Samsung Tabs

Uses built-in IR on Sony Tablets

Supports external IR blasters from Global Cache, Keene, and IRTrans

Unparalleled user support

If your devices are not in our database (rare) we will try to find codes for them. If we fail we will cheerfully refund your money through Google Play. 

Sorry, Amazon will not allow us to make refunds. Amazon customers still get the same great support!

Feature All Base Versions All PRO Versions
 Command limits No limits No limits
 Expires Never Never
 Room Profiles unlimited unlimited
Devices per profile 6 15
Activities per profile 6 15
Command Macros No Yes, several types
Custom buttons Yes Yes, can assign macro
Favorites 984 in total on 41 screens 984 in total on 41 screens
Assign macro to Favorite button No Yes
Favorite can be Website Yes Yes
Can add codes for new devices Yes Yes
Supports External blasters Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days

Captain Ron and the Squid...a true story

Touchsquid on HTC ONE and Samsung Galaxy S4
These two high end phones make great remotes!

Touchsquid PRO for Samsung Tablets and phones

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Touchsquid on Sony Tablets and Xperia ZL